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black cousland queens!&#160;!!!!&#160;!!!!&#160;!!!!!!!&#160;!


black cousland queens! !!!! !!!! !!!!!!! !

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Merill &amp; her new family
Merill & her new family
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Hawke: Oh, look, moar crazy mages~~  How unique.
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Merrill, why u so cutes!?

Merrill, why u so cutes!?

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Gather your party and venture forth?

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Good morning, tumblr peeps!

Good morning, tumblr peeps!

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Mass Effect Trilogy + Cinematic Trailers

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Some new Skyrim pictures. Hope people like, and talk to me if you’d like as well. ^_^/

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We forgot the taste of bread

The sound of trees

The softness of the wind

And we even forgot our own name

Everyone after entering the Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creator (via penwarrior11)    
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omg Rumple & Belle dancing omfg I squealed & bounced in my seat!

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Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard
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Okay, so I’ve been having financial troubles for a while now, and after a long hard battle with myself I’ve decided to try and offer some commissions since some people seem to like my stuff.  

sketch - $5 (bust $3) 

lineart - $10 (bust $8)

flat color - $15 (bust $13)

full color  - $20 (bust $18) 

extra characters $10 each

(background prices are flexible depending on complexity)

you can message me through tumblr (though its not recommended) or email me at with what you’d like commissioned, all I ask is that for a detail description, especially concerning OC’s which I am completely willing to do, with what you’d like done. References are especially handy if you have them.

payments are all through paypal in USD to  

Feel free to send any questions you have via Tumblr or email. 

more examples of my art can be found here 

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I’m gonna fucking scream.

This makes no sense.


I’m gonna fucking scream.

This makes no sense.

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